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Seducing My Step Dad

To do than attempt to get Rick into bed with herExcerptOh my God he says His hands are shaking This is so wrong He lies down on top of me and I wrap my legs around him I don't want to let him get away B

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Olivia is a sexy 19 year old college girl spending the summer at her family's lake house Her mother is away on a business trip leaving her alone with her stepfather Rick Olivia can think of nothing fun

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Ut he untangles himself from me and stands up he is out of breath We can't he says with emotionThis is Story #1 of the Stepdaughter Confessions seriesLength Short Story 3100 words approx 10 printed page

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    Beside Step siblings incest Step Daddaughter incest is one of my fave tooThis story way too typical it's sound li

  2. says:

    Eh it was ok It just read like every pseudo incest step daddydaughter book out there Nothing really anything special

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    It was hot

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