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    IF I WERE TO DESCRIBE THIS BOOK WITH ONE WORD THAT WORD WOULD BE 'AMATEURISH'I was expecting an interesting historical mystery but all I got was a letdown and a snoozefest YawnTHE THINGS I DID NOT LIKEInconsistent narration

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    4 starsI read the Kindle editionI would categorize this book as a mixed genre It is part romantic part mystery and has a great deal about Shakespeare and document scholarship A vicar's subterranean vault is flooded As part of the cleanup the vicar notices some documents that are in very good shape; they have w

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    Disclaimer I received a copy of this from NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review At first I really did

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    Originally published on my blog Nonstop Reader The Vavasour Macbeth is a fictionalized historical mystery by Bart Casey Released 7th May 2019 by Post Hill it's 368 pages and available in paperback ebook and audiobo

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    A cache of Elizabethan documents is found in a tomb why they are there and what they mean is a mystery The uest to determine their origins and context takes on new importance when the vicar who found them is murdered A 16th century m

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    As in many a good mystery the curious title of this wonderful book is deliciously revealed through the late 20th century protagonists' and the author's research Both the fictional and historical characters are brought to li

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    Bart Casey discovered the 'Monica Lewinsky' of ueen Elizabeth's court and turned her remarkable story into a dua

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    I thought the idea behind the novel was really interesting and offered great potential both for exploring a lesser known but fascinating historical figure and for introducing references to Macbeth I would have liked to have learned much about Anne Vavasour her life and times and the possible theatrical connections Likewise there were so many opportunities to draw on the Scottish play for inspiration Unfortunate

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    Uniue blend of history romance and mystery When a Vicar Margaret's father rescues some documents from a vault he calls in Stephen Margaret's ex fiance to help decipher the Elizabethan era documents The documents

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    Bart Casey's the Vasasour Macbeth was a bunch of books in one woven together with a deft touch that made it a delight to read and an education as well The book was a combination mystery history love story and period story for living in the UK in the mid 90's The mystery was a terrific who done it wrapped about medieval manuscripts linked to ElizabethanShakespearean times with exacting yet really interesting details about the period and do

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read Ø PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ Bart Casey

Buried Shakespearean treasure from an ancestor’s tomb brings a disillusioned BBC reporter home to solve her father’s murder and restart her life with the man who has always loved herWhen Margaret Hamilton’s father rescues Elizabethan manuscripts from a flooded tomb he asks his daughter’s former fiancé Stephen to help decipher them bringing the couple back together againAt first the documents only seem to resurrect Anne Vavasour’s remarkable true story how she ca Disclaimer I received a copy of this from NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review At first I really didn t want to like this because the double spaced format was driving me nuts on my eReader made me think a lot about the essays I ve written over the years Once I got over this though I really really enjoyed this I thought for the most part everything was well done Margaret s voice could have used work she wasn t an airhead or anything of the sort which some male authors often present I just felt like she could have taken time to deal with some of the hard situations she is dealt with and that she made some life changing moves without taking time to think things through Also everything just wrapped up too well for the protagonists Instant family just add waterI feel like setting the story in 1992 served no purpose other than allowing the author to use the BosnianYugoslavian situation as a plot device Also Macbeth doesn t make an appearance till I think it was 70% of the way through so I feel the title could have been reworked The research was great loved reading about Oxford London and Buckinghamshire Super neat to read the story of a lady in ueen Elizabeth s court whose never gotten the novel treatment to my knowledge I love me a good dual narrative fan s of Lauren Willig and other author s who ve mastered that art will probably enjoy this too

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The Vavasour Macbeth

Me to ueen Elizabeth’s court as a sixteen year old Maid of Honour; was seduced by the Earl of Oxford; delivered a babe at court in the attending maidens’ chamber; was sent to the Tower; yet later flourished for twenty years as the mistress of the wealthy widower Sir Henry Lee Elizabeth’s champion at the joust and rud half brother of the ueenBut when Margaret and Stephen uncover links between the buried papers and Shakespeare’s Macbeth ruthless art and antiuities th As in many a good mystery the curious title of this wonderful book is deliciously revealed through the late 20th century protagonists and the author s research Both the fictional and historical characters are brought to life with great skill leaving me wanting to know about all of them Historical fictions are meant to educate and entertain The author Bart Casey did just that by illuminating performance and language practices in Shakespeare s time and unravelling the mysteries of the life of Shakespeare through the research of scholars He also delved into the fascinating rare book and manuscript business and institutional archive practices So interestingThe Tudor love story of Anne Vavasour and Sir Henry Lee during the reign of Elisabeth I is brought to life in a delightful manner full of scandal the Tower of London the fury of the ueen and a long life for Anne It is clear that the American author knows England well He guides the reader through the streets of London and Oxford stopping often in pubs and eateries and the occasional bookshop that in the epilog he admits to having freuented through the years I am looking forward to Casey s next work

read Ø PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ Bart Casey

Ieves scheme to take the priceless papers at any costBlending fiction with little known facts from history and research The Vavasour Macbeth ranges from the Elizabethan and Jacobean courts to modern day England revealing many mysteries of ancient handwriting manuscripts and playmaking along the way Not all facts taught in school about the Elizabethan era Shakespeare and Macbeth are proven and you may be surprised to learn how many uestions really do remain open and unsolve Bart Casey discovered the Monica Lewinsky of ueen Elizabeth s court and turned her remarkable story into a dual time line mystery which combines a contemporary love story with fascinating historical detail Real life courtier Anne Vavasour spent her second day as a mother in the Tower of London after giving birth to an illegitimate son the result of a liaison the 16 year old ueen s lady s maid had with a much older richer and powerful sexual predator the Earl of Oxford Anne s story while making up only a small part of the final word count gives the narrative a depth which sets it apart from the usual mystery Add into the mix a court entertainment featuring Shakespeare s Macbeth which is critical to the restoration of reputations of Anne and her gallant rescuer Sir Henry Lee and you ve got a rich and satisfying read The Vavasour Macbeth delivers a deliciously complex mix of true history insights into the world of rare books and love in Tudor and contemporary times Bart talks about this and much in the Joys of Binge Reading podcast