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Stem supporting suppliers' needs as well as customers' reuirements This perspective and an ambition to act sustainably has underpinned a rebuilding of trust in the Tesco brand and a resurgence in commercial fortunesThis fully updated edition of The Lean Supply Chain contains new chapters on Tesco's current strategy rebuilding brand trust and its CSR agenda It charts the pr.

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The Lean Supply Chain

Inciples of lean thinking customer loyalty and simplicity which were used by Tesco to frame its supply chain strategy and draws upon the authors' deep knowledge of how the retailer has dealt with challenges and market changes to provide lessons for other businesses large or small who wish to place how they manage their supply chains at the heart of their competitive strate.

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WINNER Les Plumes des Achats 2016 Prix des Associations 1st editionOver the last two decades Tesco has emerged as a dominant player in the UK market and a leading global retailer The Lean Supply Chain explores how Tesco over the last 20 years or so has built its business around supply chain excellence As a mega retailer Tesco has learnt to create a balanced supply chain sy.

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