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    Where in the world do you find this book? I am TOTALLY lost

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    Still need to scan several of the dolls in my copy there are only the following patterns included401 Bubble Gum403 Grape Jelly404 Chocolate Chip405 Cherries Jubilee406 Plum Preserves and411 Blueberry CupcakeMore will be add

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READ ✓ MZINES.CO.UK Ç Barbara Graham

Nt Stickare included in this ebookPDF format book Originally each individual pattern was published individually at 4 pages ea.

CHARACTERS Lollipop Lane Soft dolls

Lollipop Lane Soft dolls

This is the set of all 12 Lollipop characters to crochet using worsted weight yarn Instructions for Bubblw GumSherbet IceGrap.

READ ✓ MZINES.CO.UK Ç Barbara Graham

E JellyChocolate ChipCherries JubileePlum PreservesOatmeal CookiePrange MarmaladeRaspberry FluffBlueberry Cupcake andPeppermi.