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Society and she wants Charlotte to be there Charlotte's not sure what to expect Some gardening chat sure; lots of good gossip definitely but these ladies have their claws out There's talk of extra marital affairs did Mimi really sleep with her friend Rita's husband and a bitter argument over the club's presidential election Mimi won but was it. 3 Good

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Wiped Out A Charlotte Larue Myster

Rigged A few days later Mimi's dead The doctor says she was poisoned But who planted it and where Was it in the bitter brownies Mimi munched at the meeting Or in the red wine she sipped later From Mimi's resentful friends and neighbors to her scheming husband Charlotte has a whole plot full of suspects to weed throughso she'd better start diggin. Good easy read great for cozy mystery readers

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The summer's off to a sweltering start and one of Charlotte LaRue's best clients has just up and moved leaving a big chunk of free time in Charlotte's normally hectic schedule But the empty spot on Charlotte's client list is soon filled by gardening enthusiast Mimi Adams Mimi's planning to host the next meeting of the tony Horticultural Heritage. Well written and really enjoyable for gardening mystery lover

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    This was an interesting book in the series and I am growing to like all of the characters very much There was a lot less emphasis on the guy next door which I kind of liked and on Charlotte As for the mystery itself it was OK The whodunit was pretty obvious but there was still some suspense Overall I found this uick read thoroughly enjoyable and I'm looking forward to continuing on in the series

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    I love this series Having lived in the Garden District for a time I appreciate that Ms Colley gets her New Orleans right And although the plot is predictable and the killer is easy to spot it is still a fun read It's always pleasant to spend an afternoon with Charlotte LaRue A definite recommend

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    Well written and really enjoyable for gardening mystery lover

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    3 Good

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    Okay every once in a while you just need pure escape in a uick to read I can solve that mode with a main character who you can enjoy and relate to and that's when you can turn to Colley's Charlotte LaRue series This maid of

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    A light read with a simple mystery I deduced using clues not just a hunch the killer before the death even took place Charlotte is different than most of the protagonists in the mysteries I read which added interest to the story It's a perfec

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    I would actually rate it about 35 The bad person was just a little too obvious

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    Good easy read great for cozy mystery readers

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    More mind candy I'm beginning to think the catchphrase for Maid for a Day is coulda woulda shoulda

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    Predictable Very predictable

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