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Disaster Preparedness

Actical highly useable guide to preparing to survive all forms of disaster both natural and manmade Readers will learn how to prepare their family and home for emergencies by teaching the essentials for producing and conserving drinkable water producing electric.

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Disaster preparedness is a topic that everyone should consider not just people on the fringe No matter where people live the potential for a natural or manmade disaster exists and every home should be stocked and ready for the worst Disaster Preparedness is a pr.

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Ity and emergency power creating and maintaining emergency food supplies how to prepare for financial disaster and much Written without political or religious bias Disaster Preparedness is a guide that every home can use before during or after a disaster strikes.

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    No chapter on the Zombie Apocalypse but a wealth of tips and hints on how to be sure that you and your family are prepared for any possible di

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