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This groundbreaking book presents the first full history of the Manila galleons which marked the true beginning of a global economy Arturo Giraldez the world s leading scholar of the galleons traces the rise of the maritime route which began with the founding of the city o

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Manila Galleons

F Manila in 1571 and ended in 1815 when the last galleon left the port of Acapulco in New Spain Mexico for the Philippines establishing a permanent connection between the Spanish empire in America with Asian countries most importantly China the main supplier of commodities

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During that era Throughout the two and a half century history of the Manila galleons the strategic commodity fuelling global networks was always silver Giraldez shows how this most important of precious metals shaped world history with influences that stretch to the prese

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    uite informative no overly academic a history book to recommendPart of Exploring World History seriesAcknowledgments I really wrote

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    This uniue book on an overlooked and important aspect of the Age of Exploration can't seem to pick what it wants to be Is it an economic history A political history Or least of all a cultural history Perhaps Giraldez presu

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