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    This book is a collection of 100 observations on New York City's SoHo neighborhood Although beautifully designed and largely interesting I found this book had too serious of flaws to recommend• Given that it was about SoHo an area with virtually no parallel in the world Urban Code was not true to its subtitle 100 Lessons for Understanding the City The lessons learned from Soho were a often stretch when extrapolated to

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    I was disappointed by this book probably mostly because of my expectations from it I was hoping to learn something new ab

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    Not clear whether it's supposed to be about universal urban codes or observations about Soho The book is justifiable only as the former because who cares about the specific demographics of Soho or where its subway stations are located etc As it stands there's still a lot of good content the Soho specific elements are really a waste though and the book would be much better if it actually had urban codes based on detailed study of

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    Interesting analysis of the parts that make up a particular SoHo urban whole

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    have a look

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    I started and finished this book on this sunny afternoon It's introductory in scope though not in depth Introductory is good though

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    While I enjoyed how the author explained how New York City's Soho's economy business and community worked and functioned It is unfair for the author to claim that Soho's model is applicable to most cityscapes I gav

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    Hello everyone dear friends I need your help I haven't read this book but I want to read I am a student and I need it for my research paper devoted to the urban development I've tried to buy it in but they don't ship books

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    I'm not sure what to say about Urban Code It was fine I learned a couple of things But it was oddly uninteresting I'm fascinated by cities so I was hoping for something that was interesting I can't be any specific than that I'm afraid Maybe it's an issue of translation

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Urban Code

City stroller can move from People walk in the sunshine lesson 1 to Street vendors are positioned according to the path of the sun lesson 2; consider possible connections between the fact that Locals and tourists use the streets at different times lesson 41 and Tourists stand still when they're looking at something lesson 68; and weigh the apparent contradiction of lesson 73 Nightlife hotspots increase pedestrian traffic and lesson 74 People are afraid of the darkA lesson may seem self evident Grocery stores are important local destinations of course they a. Interesting analysis of the parts that make up a particular SoHo urban whole

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A primer in urban literacy that teaches us in words and pictures what to notice if we want to understand the cityCities speak and this little book helps us understand their language Considering the urban landscape not from the abstract perspective of an urban planner but from the viewpoint of an attentive observer Urban Code offers 100 lessons maxims observations and bite size truths followed by short essays that teach us how to read the city This is a user's guide to the city a primer of urban literacy at the pedestrian level The reader like the observant. I was disappointed by this book probably mostly because of my expectations from it I was hoping to learn something new about how cities work and how people interact with it maybe in a way that ties into sociology and psychology However a lot of the lessons in this book were obvious well known facts that most of us have already observed around us The mini essays below them were mostly just musings that freuently lacked coherence and insight There were a couple of lessons I found insightful and interesting however I don t think there were than 5 6 of thoseOverall I didn t really enjoy the content of the book much though it was an easy read and I enjoyed looking at the photographs and

Characters ☆ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ´ Anne Mikoleit

Re but considered in the context of other lessons it becomes part of a natural logic With Urban Code we learn what to notice if we want to understand the city We learn to detect patterns in the relationships between people and the urban environment Each lesson is accompanied by an icon like image; in addition to these 100 drawings thirty photographs of street scenes illustrate the text The photographs are stills from films shot in the Manhattan neighborhood of SoHo; the lessons are inspired by the authors' observations of SoHo but hold true for any cityscap. a great concept for a book that totally fell short almost the entirety of the content consists of cited excerpts from other seminal urban planning texts but with little else to add certainly no new ideas here and ultimately too bare bones to even be considered a primer weak jams mit press

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