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F sexual difficulties which previously proved intransigent This is not a 'how to' sex manual in the mechanical tradition although some 'how to' is included Each section works on specific aspects of sex by introducing ideas about how they can be regarded differently By re framing ideas attitudes towards sex can be calmed sufficiently for personal strengths and values to emerge from the all too common fog of stress and unhappines.

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People have made a fetish out of sex Somewhere along the line the idea evolved that sex should be done in private and that public sex is unacceptable In fact the prohibitions around sex go much further prescribing how sex should be done what constitutes 'good sex' and what makes for sexual failureThis manual is designed to start readers thinking about their sexual attitudes specifically about the unconscious ideas they possess.

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Regarding what is right and wrong so that they can progress to at least contemplating other approaches By doing so they may be able to see that their present sexual situation has value of its own even if by generally accepted measurements it seems distressingBut the book seeks to go further than making readers feel better By bringing a creative attitude to sexual relationships people may discover that they can tackle a number o.

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Anne is an author journalist broadcaster partner – and mother to three grown sons She gave up the struggle to decide which of these roles is most important and relaxed into acceptance that all are important Her priorities are partner and three sons in eual measure She writes to earn a living “Writing is not just about the joy of earning money Writing of any sort offers such a spark of

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