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Summary Ensnared in the Wolfs Lair

E against not only Christa's father and the other Germans who had just tried to overthrow his government He wanted to torment their relatives too regardless of age or stature All of them Including every last childPraise for Ann Bausum's The March Against Fear An exceptionally well written and resear

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Ensnared in the Wolfs Lair

I've come on orders from Berlin to fetch the three children Gestapo agent August 24 1944With those chilling words Christa von Hofacker and her younger siblings found themselves ensnared in a web of family punishment designed to please one man Adolf Hitler The furious dictator sought merciless reveng

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Ched chronicle of a crucial civil rights turning point Kirkus starred reviewThis exemplary look into civil rights history concludes with perspective and encouragement regarding ongoing struggles for social change Publishers Weekly starred reviewA must have volume School Library Journal starred revie

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