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Have planted a spy within his team of workmen and with only a few days to go until launch he becomes aware of potential sabotage attempts With Jeremy’s help McKinnon must strive to keep his work secret and safe McKinnon soon realises his nephew is no longer a young boy and extends his invitation of travelling to new frontiers to Jeremy Beyond excited at the prospect of a new discovery Jeremy does all he can to ensure he is knowledgeable about spaceflight Shadowing Janet he soon becomes familiar with the mechanics of the spaceship With the launch imminent a certain fear amongst the travellers takes over the household Will they reach their destination The mythic planet Hesikos What will they find there Can they survive Will they ever come home The Lost Planet is a thrilling science fiction adventure tale filled with trials and tribulations wonder and calamity as Jeremy McKinnon and company endeavour to make their voyage into the great unknown ‘Absorbing Science fiction

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The Lost Planet

– Kirkus Reviews Angus MacVicar was an accomplished Scottish author screenwriter and playwright who published work in a variety of genres Earlier in his career he was known for his crime thrillers and autobiographies but his early writing was interrupted by his service as a captain in the Royal Scots Fusiliers As a result most of his juvenile science fiction was not published until after World War II It was then that his ‘Lost Planet’ series became extremely popular with MacVicar himself adapting the stories as TV and radio serials Venture Press is a science fiction and fantasy imprint of Endeavour Press the UK’s leading independent digital publisher We are committed to the discovery and rediscovery of immensely talented authors in the SFF genre and continue to push boundaries in search of great literature Join us as we venture across universes and unknown landscapes – past present and future Sign up to our newsletter Follow us on Twitter venturepress Faceboo

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Sixteen year old Jeremy Grant born in Australia comes to live with his uncle Dr Lachlan McKinnon in Inverard Scotland following the sudden death of his parents On his arrival Janet Campbell his uncle’s pretty secretary also a science student meets him at the train station and Jeremy takes an instant liking to her On their journey to Jeremy’s uncle’s house Janet gives him an overview of the inhabitants Jeremy is fascinated to learn that there is a deep secret guarded beyond the electric fence at his uncle’s residence Jeremy spends his first night in silence With his uncle too busy to pay much attention to him he has his evening meal alone with just the friendly cook Miss Smith as intermittent company The silence is shattered by something that sounds like the wail of a banshee a long drawn piercing wail Over the next few days Jeremy learns his uncle has built a spaceship one of a kind rivalled only by a European called Hermanoff McKinnon is aware that Hermanoff may

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    Solid readDecent story written in the style of Vern so it is a travel log told from the point of view of a young man

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    Not for me Couldn't finish it

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    Lekker achterhaalde SF over een reis naar een onbekende planeet in ons zonnestelselOnderweg drinken ze gewoon koffie en eten ze biefstukMaar toch wel geinig