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Hat they are what they represent to us and what they have in turn inspiredEach entry is a brief stand alone essay providing biographical details analysis observation and opinion; but taken together the essays add up to a revealing portrait of the good The Beatles the bad racist skinheads and the ugly football hooligans of British pop culture in all its many face

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Brit CultAn A Z of British Pop Culture

From Acid Jazz to Peter Sellers a uick take who's who of British pop cultureFrom the Swinging 60s and the mods from the seventies and the punks to Generation E Britpop and Cool Britain the past 50 years have seen a steady stream of world sweeping movements trends and styles come out of the British IslesIn this hip fast paced look at who's who and what's what of

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British popular culture cultist Andrew Calcutt explores than 200 key people products and phenomena in British popular culture Calcutt deftly deconstructs hundreds of Brit Cult icons such as Monty Python J G Ballard Nick Hornby Martin Amis Doc Martens E Type Jaguars glam and goth Malcolm McClaren Blur Oasis The Kinks The Who and the Stones and identifies who or w

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    Not my favorite book about British Culture It covers a fairly narrow band of punk and rock styles and now is almost twenty years out of date

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