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To beAuthor Andrea Fehr understands how discouraging life can be She spent a season of her life simply surviving each day Although she wanted to give up she went on a journey and discovered a solutionIn her book Freaking Out to Flying Free you willRecogniz


Freaking Out to Flying Free

Is the abundant life possible In a world of constant distraction and tremendous pressure it's easy to reach the end of your day feeling overwhelmed and defeated People often feel frustrated with the chaos they find themselves in Is this how life is supposed

SUMMARY Freaking Out to Flying Free

E your personal freedom killers and break the hold they have on youAccess powerful freedom builders you can use dailyLearn the freedom frameworkBe euipped with hope skill and motivation to fly freeYou can experience freedom amid the chaos of life Start toda

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    This book has challenges me to grow recognize the obstacles and lies I believe about myself and provides tools to

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