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N ages 7 years and older or for parents that want to read this book with their children Currently set at a wonderfully low promotional price this Rocks and Minerals for Kids Book can be easily downloaded from the Kindle Store by any young readers that love to read on their own as well as by parents who will read to younger children that are still learning to read

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Rocks and Minerals for Kids

Children's author Andrea Winters presents Rocks and Minerals for Kids Fun Facts Pictures About Crystals and Gemstones Geology Much More This informative kids book includes great pictures well chosen words to help children learn about Rocks and MineralsAside from the amazing pictures Miss Winters presents in her Rocks and Minerals Book for Kids she also covers som

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E interesting facts and insights about crystals and gemstones how rocks form the different kinds of rocks that exist and plenty fun facts for kids The pictures within this book are accompanied by small bits of easy to understand text while making it an exciting read about Rocks and Minerals Therefore this Rock Book for Kids is a great educational book for childre

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    Great bookIt is a great book i love the book helped me a lot all about minerals thanks Andrea winters

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    Rocks and Minerals for Kids Fun Facts Pictures About Crystals and Gemstones Geology Much More geology book Very interesting facts about rocks and minerals around the world Fun facts about them along with photos of places that have

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