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When Richard was born being the youngest son and child of the Duke and Duchess of York he seemed the most unlikely person to become King He had learnt at Middleham Castle to be a soldier and a knight and that is where he first met Anne Neville later to be his wife Life had ended abruptly when the Earl of Warwick had fallen out with Edward IV and Richa

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Richard The Man behind the Myth

Rd was in Edward IV court with its plots and intrigues and unpopular scheming Woodvilles Richard had married Anne became the lord of the North and was well loved His whole life changed when news came of his brother Edward's death He reluctantly went to London only to find himself in the middle of a hornet's nest Tales of murder and Margaret Beaufort's

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Hidden agendas had never made it easy By the time Bosworth happened Richard had certainly had nothing but bad luck during his time as King He had lost his only son and only just become a widow death must have been preferable It had seemed that even in death he had no luck He was to become the product of Tudor propaganda a villain in the history books

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    I found this a very interesting read The author clearly has a fund of knowledge concerning this period Her style is clear and easily read She puts life into the bones of Richard a king of whom relatively little is common knowledge Andrea Willers renders him accessible to the ordinary reader I would certainly recommend this book to anyone int

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