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Be to ethnic art and literature these repetitions foreground different forms of impasse interruption suspension or hesitation In refusing to offer therapeutic recuperations of the past they turn our attention instead toward the social and cultural contradictions of the present In particular each of these artists and writers uses repetition to pursue different projects of self reflection raising uestions about the strategies of representation available to them as minority artists Thus Walker's compulsive repetitions dramatize how the African American artist remains stuck within the circular logic of contemporary identity politics; Lee's failed repetitions portray the Asian American writer suspended between two different modes of modernist primitivism; Yamashita's generic repetitions illustrate how the racially marked writer hovers between the incommensurate realms of the aesthetic and the social; and Kingston's recursive repetitions trace the ethnic writer's always insufficient attempts.

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Rethinking repetition

To grasp a utopian global future;In focusing on minority artists and writers who comb the archives not in order to recapture the past but to anatomize the present and who direct their most trenchant criticisms not against dominant institutions but against the assumptions that undergird the field of ethnic studies itself this project attempts to extend the range of what constitutes the cultural politics of minority art and literature In particular while artistic and literary self reflexivity is often criticized as a way of evading social and political responsibilities by retreating to the realm of the aesthetic the artists and writers in this study pursue projects of self reflection as a way of better understanding the forces that limit enable and condition the ability of art to intervene in the social world In doing so they encourage us to view the inward focus of self critiue not as a replacement for but a precursor to the social change that forms the ultimate horizon of ethnic studies.

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A signature practice of postmodern culture the repetition of styles and forms from the past has become the site of contentious debates about how contemporary artists and writers engage history Nowhere have these debates been urgent than in the context of minority art and literature where such repetitions are routinely seen as ways of rectifying the injustices of the past In this project I counter the freuent assumption that such repetitions form attempts to reclaim the past that these works cite and argue instead that they are in fact attempts to interrogate the present they inhabit;Exploring Kara Walker's recycling of antebellum racial stereotypes Chang rae Lee's rewriting of classics by Ralph Ellison and Robert Penn Warren Karen Tei Yamashita's pastiche of genres such as film noir and magical realism and Maxine Hong Kingston's revisions of her own writings I show how in contrast to the cathartic reinscriptions subversive maneuverings or liberating counter narratives we typically ascri.

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