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  • 08 September 2018
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    BLOG TOUR ARC received in exchange of an honest reviewI could give this book a MILLION stars I loved it so muchThis is my first book by Amber Hart and it certainly won’t be the last Her writing is so good and

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    It's all about secrets It's all about revenge It's all about differences It's all about friendship It's all about life It's all about loveMy heart goes out for the girl who has experienced so many bad things in life in such a short

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    I reuested this because Amber Hart's Until you Find me book WAS AMAZING35 The big C Stars As anyone knows I love titles That's what draws me to a book I don't read blurbsreviews prior to reading because I like to dive into things I read because you never really know what you like until you do it After us I just

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    I am not lying when I say that After Us was probably one of my most anticipated reads last year If you are into books that deal with culture clashes which are rarities in the literature world but there has been

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    This review is also available on my blog Bows Bullets ReviewsMelissa is a flirt The entire world is aware of this What the entire world is not aware of is what she hides behind that flirty persona They don't know h

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    After Us by Amber HartThe Before and After Series Book 2 Genre Contemporary RomanceAge Group New AdultRelease Date December 30th 2014Print Lengt

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    I have a knack for starting books in the middle of a series and then cribbing about not having read the first book first B

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    Review also found at starsI received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher Kensington via Netgalley in exchange for an hon

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    ARC PROVIDED BY NETGALLEY FOR AN HONEST REVIEWAfter us is an amazing tale between two different people connecte

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    Read FULL review at GenGen's Book BlogAfter Us features two character that I know readers wanted of from Before You I believe After Us is on the

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After Us

Ican dream To honor his familia Javier joins the gang who set up his cousin's murder The entrance price is blood Death is the only escapeThese two broken souls could make each other whole again or be shattered forever Our time will come And we'll be rea. I have a knack for starting books in the middle of a series and then cribbing about not having read the first book first Because I m a total failure btwAfter Us is the second book in the Before After series and after reading itdayum I totally want to read Before UsOn first glance Melisa looks like just another teenager at the beach she s a waitress so she smiles and she flirts and she laughs and she looks normal But she s far from it Along the course of After Us Amber Hart skillfully dodges and jumps over details about Melissa giving just the right amount of information and then when you think you have it all she withdraws and you re left wondering again I loved the whole push and pull territory that came with Melissa As a character too she was smart and capable of standing up for herself She didn t take any shit from anyone and even in the face of danger she made the right decisions for herself She misses her best friend Faith like hell and she doesn t once give up Not onceOn the other hand playing Melissa s love interest is Javier Now Javier is on what I d like to call self destruct mode He s understandably angry about the murder of his cousin Diego and decides to do something about the murderers who seem to be roaming about unpunished His plan for revenge includes joining the same gang that killed his brother and rupturing them from withinMelissa and Javier together were beautiful They understood where the other came from having gone through a lot of pain themselves Javier lost his brother and Melissa s friend Faith won t talk to anyone preferring to grieve alone So where it came to kind of you know getting each otherthey didAs far as their chemistry goes there were times I really wanted to shake these two and show them how good they could be for each other But of course with Javier and Melissa both keeping secrets it was close to impossible for them to really give themselves to each other There was a lot of angst with them both wanting so bad to just tell each other but they couldn t It was disheartening to read but it was so well written that I just kept on goingWithout the deeper understanding that would have no doubt come had I read Before You I d like to still say that Miss Hart did a great job providing enough information about Diego and Faith s story too I didn t know anything about them in the beginning AT ALL but by the end of After Us I knew enough about them to know that had I read their story I d have loved them as much as I do Melissa and Javier Reading After Us has made me a fan of a completely different style of writing than I m usually used to In the first chapters of the book I thought of Amber Hart s writing as maybe stilted and slow But it really suited the pace of the story itself and she deserves a big big thumbs up for her writing in After UsI d recommend After Us to everyone who likes secrets and angst and protective alpha male heroes I was provided a free ecopy of this book in exchange of an honest review This did not in any way however influence the content of this review

REVIEW ↠ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ô Amber Hart

Sometimes secrets kill Maybe slowly maybe painfully Maybe all at onceMelissa smiles She flirts She jokes But she never shows her scars Eight months after tragedy ripped her from her closest friend Melissa is broken Inside her grows a tumor fed by grief. BLOG TOUR ARC received in exchange of an honest reviewI could give this book a MILLION stars I loved it so muchThis is my first book by Amber Hart and it certainly won t be the last Her writing is so good and it reads very smoothly The dual POV is amazingly done And the plot twists Oh my god I just can t This Is So Perfect What then I ask Then May says a glint in her eye you make that boy remember what your lips feel like This book was a roller coaster of feelings It s so intense it grips you from the beginning and leaves you breathless in the end All the characters are flawed and complex You fall in love with them so uickly Especially Javier Hot body tattoo and an Spanish accent and I m completely in love Also I have the same name as the main character so whenever he said things like Some things aren t worth the trouble But Melissa She does something to me Or I feel it in my bones I know it like I know the curves of Melissa s body well then I m basically melting in my chair What I want is for you to want me like I want you Melissa is such an amazing character And so strong An insane amount of things happened to her in such a short time and yet she keeps her head up and goes on with her life I love her so much and Javier is the perfect match for her His lips so full so perfect press into mine I m sitting on what I imagine to be the top of the world because nothing is better than this The story is so complex and it never ever bores you There s a lot of Spanish but I didn t mind at all because it gave the book a special touch Also everything that was said in Spanish was either explained or easy enough for you to understand on your own so you are never clueless about what something means Life gives you things you never asked for and takes away things you always dreamed of I wonder where life gets the nerve This book includes so many themes cultural differences health family revenge death and so on Add a hot romance in it and you have the perfect combination Even with the serious subjects you are never bored because Amber combined it with an amazing romance Is happiness what your mama says it it Maybe it is for her But what is happiness to you Happiness is Melissa s laugh Finding Wink Knowing that Diego is in a better place though I miss him Melissa s touch and soccer and Cuban food Oh man I just love this book so much I really really recommend this bookThis is the second book in the After Before series but it can be read as a stand alone I haven t read the first book yet but now I certainly will I m very curious to find out about Diego and Faith


Rage and the painful memory of a single forbidden kiss Javier has scars of his own a bullet wound and the memory of a cousin shot in the heart Life in the States was supposed to be a new beginning but a boy obsessed by vengeance has no time for the Amer. This review is also available on my blog Bows Bullets ReviewsMelissa is a flirt The entire world is aware of this What the entire world is not aware of is what she hides behind that flirty persona They don t know how broken and scarred she is They don t know the pain she s suffered and what it ll take to recover from the blow the world has dealt her Javier is also scarred He escaped from a life in Cuba without being forced into a gang but that is exactly what he ll do now It s been 8 months since MS 13 ratted Diego out and got him killed In that time Javier has made a decision He ll do whatever is necessary to find Wink the asshole who is responsible for Diego s death and take him out Nothing else matters To do this he ll need to talk to Diego s girl Faith who witnessed his death To get to Faith he ll need to befriend Melissa What he doesn t expect is his attraction to flair up so uickly and with such force Can they make it workMelissa was a character I loved in Before You She was always watching out for Faith and supporting her when she needed it That made this so much harder because Faith has ran off She left because she couldn t take Diego s death and now she s not answering Melissa s calls Right when Melissa needs her Faith has shut her off Leaving Melissa to deal with her problems alone It s not that she blames Faith but she needs her best friend Those of us who read Before You we know why Faith is avoiding Melissa We know the truth Faith is hiding but that doesn t make this any less heartbreaking Melissa is hard not to sympathize with What she is going through is traumatizing and she just carries on like nothing is wrong She gets up and goes to work and tries to take care of her debts Javier was a character I was on the fence about On one hand he has lost his best friend and that is hard to take On the other he is a damned moron How is taking out Wink going to solve anything Diego will still be dead It won t bring him back and it won t bring you closure It ll just get you enlisted in a gang with the naive assumption you can get out with no conseuences His one shining point is his loyalty to his family His family by the way astounded me The idea that any one woman would willing submit herself to the trauma of giving birth to 12 children is just crazy Not to mention how much it costs to raise that many children 12 mouths to feed plus Mom and Dad How do you do that The thought of the extra expense of a single child sends me into a mini panic attack much less 12 Beyond that the pure racism and sexist nature of the household infuriated me Javier s mom flat out refuses to allow any of her children to date anyone who is not Latina She will not accept a white girl or a black girl or a Native American or anyone but a Hispanic girl for her sons Period That is appalling People have the right to love who they love period Love doesn t know age though relationships with a big age gap do kinda weird me out or race or gender The other thing is the fact that the girls are all pushed into the role of care giver It is the daughters responsibility to take care of the boys Excuse me Do we not live in the 21st century Javier s mom needs a serious reality check Though the girls don t seem to complain I was floored by the role they were pushed into What if the girls don t want to cook and clean and serve the food What if the girls want to play soccer instead What if one of the boys wants to learn to cook What is wrong with thatThis novel a great seuel to the first though it doesn t uite live up to the awesomeness that was Faith and Diego I think that may have been because I wasn t as big of a Javier fan as I was a Diego fan It might also be because I know that everything Javier was doing was in vain There is no reason to do these things Plus I think it s incredibly stupid to believe there will be no conseuences for joining a gang To truly believe that you can join a gang and expect to get out without putting your family and friends at risk is fucking idiotic Besides being appalled with his family and not loving Javier uiet as much as I did Diego this was a wonderful novel Melissa and Javier have just enough tension to keep you begging for It s a novel that is hard to put down even when you are disagreeing with what the characters are doing I recommend it to anyone who likes contemporary YA or fans of Simon Elkekes Perfect Chemistry seriesThank you to K Teen for providing me with an eARC via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

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