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Constructing Worlds

Ious artists among them Berenice Abbott Walker Evans Ed Ruscha Bernd and Hilla Becher Andreas Gursky and Iwan Baan and includes 220 color and duotone images Each chapter opens with a text introducing the artists' work followed by reproductions of their photographs Arranged chronologically the book documents the birth of the skyscraper against the backdrop of the Great Depressi.

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The relationship between architecture and photography is the focus of this book that features the work of eighteen influential artists from the 1930s to the present day Architecture has long been a subject matter for photographers who utilize the medium not just to document the built world but also to reveal wider truths about society This book features chapters devoted to var.

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On; the rise of the modernist tradition in America post colonial Africa and India; the effects of industry on 1960s Europe; the increasing suburbanization of America and Europe; and the conseuences of today's mass urbanization in Asia the Middle East and South America Far reaching and penetrating this volume reflects on the ongoing dialogue between photography and architecture.

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    45 StarsThis book shows the huge importance that photography has had and continues to have on architecture the long running alliance between them has played a significant role in benefiting both art forms and allowing them to enjoy a wider audienceIn terms of uality and variety we are very much spoiled for choice From many schools

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    Lots of striking images of buildingsthe concrete the better One photographer who stood out to me was Nadav Kander

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