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1948 The world is struggling to regain a sense of balance after the devastation of World War II and the sugar cane growing community of Piri River in northern ueensland is no exception As returned servicemen endeavour to adjust to their pre war lives women who had worked for the war effort are expected to embrace traditional roles once Rosie Stanton finds it difficult to return to the family farm after years working for the Australian Women. A wonderful book that sees Rosie returning to her family home a cane farm in far north ueensland after spending the years of the WW2 and those just after it in Brisbane Even though both of her brothers were lost during the war her parents don t seem too thrilled to have her back home However after her father becomes incapacitated after suffering from a stroke Rosie steps up to start to run the farm much to her father s dismay He doesn t see it as women s work even though Rosie is a strong independent woman who is than capable of doing a good job Nor does he like her being friendly with the dagos next door the Conti family who have recently immigrated from Italy Rosie finds herself drawn to Tomas Conti a survivor of the war in Italy and their growing attraction is hindered by his demons from the war as well as her family s distrust Then Rosie stumbles across a family secret that will turn her entire world upside down Rosie s confusion as to her place Tomas reticence to talk about


Burning Fields

’s Army Service Reminders are everywhere of the brothers she lost in the war and she is unable to understand her father’s contempt for Italians especially the Conti family next door When her father takes ill Rosie challenges tradition by managing the farm but outside influences are determined to see her fail Desperate to leave his turbulent history behind Tomas Conti has left Italy to join his family in Piri River Tomas struggles to ada. 35 Stars I love Alli Sinclair s books and was excited to read a book where one of my favourite authors joined one of my favourite genres Australian Historical Fiction However this book just didn t do it for me It was well written and the story line was good but somewhere along the line the delivery fell flatThe story revolves around Rosie a third generation cane grower and Tomas newly immigrated from ItalyThe story touches on issues of racism women s worth the effects of the war on family and PTSDRosie was just too overbearing for my liking I liked she was strong and stubborn but the way she told everyone off about opening up but held her own demons in irked meThe story had too many weak characters that made it a little depressingI would still recommend it as a good read just not fabulous because it s interesting to see how far we have and haven t come in men s attitude towards womenThis review is part of the Beauty Lace bookclubSee the original bookclub review here

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Pt in Australia until he meets Rosie Her easy going nature and positive outlook help him forget the life he’s escaped But as their relationship grows so do tensions between the two families until the situation becomes explosive When a long hidden family secret is discovered and Tomas’s mysterious past is revealed everything Rosie believes is shattered Will she risk all to rebuild her family or will she lose the only man she’s ever lov. A really interesting well written story

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    A wonderful book that sees Rosie returning to her family home a cane farm in far north ueensland after spending the years of the WW2 and those

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    35 starsI'll admit I decided to read this book because it sounded like it would be a nice little romance taking place in Australia a few years after World War 2 I was actually pleasantly surprised to see there was so much going on with the st

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    This brilliantly written story takes place in 1948 not long after the Second World War After many years of working for the Australian Women's Army Service Rosie Stanton heads home to the family farm Rosie knew it was never going to be easy to return home after losing her brothers in the war Home as she knew it would never be the same and when her father takes ill Rosie has to take over the running of the farm Having a female tak

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    Rosie Stanton was heading home from Brisbane to her family’s cane farm Tulpil in Piri River northern ueensland Her thoughts were in turmoil – she knew her parents especially her father would be against her returning home to stay but that

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    Fields the latest novel from Australian author Alli Sinclair melds together love the past war and sacrifice all within the

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    35 Stars I love Alli Sinclair’s books and was excited to read a book where one of my favourite authors joined one of my fa

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    A really interesting well written story

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    I was approached by author Alli Sinclair to review her latest novel Burning Fields I was interested in reading about Rosie Alli Sincla

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    I enjoyed Burning Fields so much it really was such a treat to read Alli Sinclair is a writer who never fails to deliver a great story and while this newest release of hers is a little different to her previous novels established fans can rest assured that it contains all of the usual Alli magic For those who have not read any of Alli’s novels this is a great one to start withI always feel a connection to the stories Alli writes In this

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    I enjoyed probably the first half of Burning Fields but unfortunately the book started to grate on my nerves from about the 50% markI live in Cairns so I was expecting to be captivated by the setting a fictional sugar cane farming town of nort

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