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Free read Mexico City Travel Guide (Unanchor) - Everything to see or do in Mexico City - 7-Day Itinerary (English Edition)

Mexico City Travel Guide (Unanchor) - Everything to see or do in Mexico City - 7-Day Itinerary (English Edition)

Everything to see or do in Mexico City Day ItineraryIf you have decided to come to Mexico City this itinerary is perfect for you It doesnt matter if you are doing a day or day trip here this itinerary covers the whole city so you can choose to do the full itinerary or just one day according to your travel schedule or preferenceThis itinerary is ideal for someone who besides visiting the must see places also wants to discover every corner of the city and see the hidden gems that only a few know about I assure you that even if this is not the first time you visit the city you will discover some new places and experiences Its like having a personal Mexico City tour guide in your pocket With that said and in case this is your first time in this city if not you can skip to the bullet points Welcome to the rd largest city in the world with over million people living here the city only has around million people but the entire metropolitan area contains million It is hard to distinguish if you are in Mexico City or Estado de Mexico because it is part of the same If you cross from one city to another one and you missed the welcome sign in the street you wont notice the differe.

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Nce between citiesA city of this size may overwhelm you but dont worry this is the reason for this itinerary You can learnabout the city and make the most of your trip hereIn this Mexico City travel guide itinerary I will cover some basic uestions that everyone has before coming such as security how to move get out and into the airport specific maps and pictures of most of the places what to eat and of course what to seeHere are a few things you will see and do in Mexico City Downtown covering all the main downtown buildings and monuments also includes some special markets such as the exotic food market where you may find lion bear and other exotic animal meats A special place where you can have one of the best views of the city for free The biggest handcraft market in the city The only witchcraft market in the city where you can find anything you need to attract love fortune and money at least that is what the labels on the products say The famous Mariachi Suare where you can dance and enjoy Mexican music while drinking some teuila shots You will go to a typical Mexican cantina where you will be able to try the drink of the gods the sacred Aztec drink El Pulue Want t.

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O see real Mexican Folklore I will tell you how to get to and enjoy Xochimilco without getting ripped off even if you look like a tourist and dont speak Spanish LUCHAS LIBRES A sports event you can get addicted to it Haven t yet met someone that after the show hated it I will tell you exactly how to get there buy tickets and enjoy the show Usually a tour to the Teotihuacan Pyramids may cost as much as pesos approx USD per person I will tell you exactly how to get there and pay approximately USD per person including transportation and entrance fee Lots of extra activities in case you have extra free timeGuaranteeIf you make the whole days you will see and knowthings in Mexico City than most of the Mexicans who live here I know because I have done every single thing listed on this itinerary and most of my friends and people who have lived their whole life here in Mexico City havent done even the half of this itinerary At the end of the itinerary I put my personal email address in case you needinformation or have any doubt So what are you waiting for Press the buy button nowAnd if for any reason you re unhappy with the itineraryoffers a full refund You have nothing to lo.

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