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Dogs of War

My name is Rex I am a good dog Rex is also seven foot tall at the shoulder bulletproof bristling with heavy calibre weaponry and his voice resonates with subsonics especially designed to instil fear With Dragon Honey and Bees he's part of a Multiform Assault Pack operating in the lawless. I finished this late last night has been a while since I stayed up so late to finish a book but had to seriously ponder how to write this reviewOnly recently I read Adrian Tchaikovsky s Children of Time and it is clear from these two books that the author has a wonderful sense of bringing the thoughts and feelings of animals sorry bioforms to life It is also clear that the author doesn t consider animals to be just animals but sees them on the same level as humans if not even one above A notion with which I completely agreeThis book then is about Rex a dog like bioform engineered for war He combines canine senses with sentience human DNA and then also got cybernetically integrated weapons systems He is the leader of one of the first few multi form suads meaning teams that consist of than one kind of animalbioform It is also about what the engineers designed him to be and be capable of and what he actually is and is capable of The same goes for the rest of his teamThe book uses multiple POVs from doctors to lawyers to all kinds of bioforms in order to explore topics such as the role of artificial intelligence in society there is a history of robotics too responsibility and guilt what exactly we humans define as humanity the ethics of conflict resolution and the manufacturing of sentient biological life The different angles allow the author to give the reader many different perspectives with which to identify or not and allow for an objective as well as emotional explorationAnd he shows that there are never easy answers easy solutions and we often revert back to the old ways just because their familiarity offers comfort while new ways are often scary making choices is the price of being free Nevertheless at some point I was wondering where the author will take this because I had thought we had reached the end of the narrative However the author had a lot of threads that he weaved into a complex web of a lot of other important uestions Thanks to the fact that the entire book was interspersed with all kinds of wars and conflicts it never got boring or too preachy theoretical What I loved about this book was in what detail the author described each individual bioform and therefore gave them actual life and personality We have the typical mammals but also marine bioforms reptiles and even hive minds a very intriguing concept Rex has a lot of canine traits while Dragon is a typical reptile Bees consciousness is literally buzzing all over the place and the felines are well cats there was an enormously funny moment in the book when a character actually said Even chipped to the eyeballs you can t get cats to do what you want them to do and it definitely nails their best known character traitHowever this realistic portrayal of the bioforms characters was also what was very difficult to read and especially after because of their development I cried than onceLast but not least I like how thorough the author is with his exploration of a topic It would have been easy to end this book after the events in Campeche Retorna but we went much further because the topic is and would be complex and winning one battle does in no way mean you ll win the warMoreover as far as I can tell from conversations with veterans he s really done a great job in realistically portraying what it means to be part of something bigger wanting to protect and having a purpose and being stripped of it later He teaches the reader about integrity and sacrifice A true gem in this book was his criticism of current social and political problems in the world Perhaps the idealism of the Anarchistas had decayed into the sort of backbiting rabies that such popular movements so often devolved into not fighting for just fighting againstflavour of the month outrageTechnology is not Good Tech or Bad Tech It is the Master who is guilty for what it does Sounds like comments to very current topics to meTo me this is one of the most important books when it comes to considering the future of bio tech human engineering and the ethics that should not be forgotten but go with the territory and the author has uickly become one of my favourites simply for having a fantastic way of making the reader THINKNow does anyone have the author s address so I can send him the bill for all the tissues I needed PThanks go to Netgalley and the publisher author for giving me the opportunity to read this early

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Anarchy of Campeche south eastern Mexico Rex is a genetically engineered Bioform a deadly weapon in a dirty war He has the intelligence to carry out his orders and feedback implants to reward him when he does All he wants to be is a Good Dog And to do that he must do exactly what Master s. 45Ok Adrian Tchaikovsky is becoming one of my favourite authorsAfter reading Children of Time I knew I needed to read something else from the same authorRex just wants to be a Good Dog Rex has a Master Rex kills enemies because his Master says so But what makes someonesomething an enemy The development of Rex throughout the story is phenomenal I don t want to spoil anything but the way the author chose to show us that is fantasticLess thought provoking than Children of Time but still an excellent book with some really interesting ideas and discussions

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Ays and Master says he's got to kill a lot of enemies But who exactly are the enemies What happens when Master is tried as a war criminal What rights does the Geneva Convention grant weapons Do Rex and his fellow Bioforms even have a right to exist And what happens when Rex slips his leas. Dogs of War was not the book I was expecting to read in a good way I ve long been a fan of Adrian Tchaikovsky his Shadows of the Apt epic fantasy series is great and I really enjoyed his fantasyadventure novel Spiderlight In Dogs of War Tchaikovsky turns his talents towards sci fi with genetically engineered bioforms animals enhanced by weaponised technology and given the smarts to communicate with humans on near like for like levels The protagonist is Rex a genetically enhanced dog who carries out deadly missions as instructed by his master Along with his team of bioforms which includes bees a bear and a reptile named Dragon Rex is subjected to brutal combat on near suicide missions fighting in a war he knows nothing about Intelligent is his own right it takes Honey the enhanced bear to release Rex and co from the confines of their masters pull strings for him to see a world beyond violence a world where bioforms can be than weaponsI loved the way these characters evolved from combat team to individuals with their own goals each with a uniue voice to go along with their uniue physical attributes and all with a surprising amount of character depthDogs of War isn t all about combat it s a novel which takes war and broadens the concept to include peacetime ramifications of this new frontier technology through sociopolitical commentary which in turn gives the characters and theme a 360 feel delivered through a multi POV narrativeMy rating 55 starsIn short this book is great read it

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    I finished this late last night has been a while since I stayed up so late to finish a book but had to seriously ponder how to write this reviewOnly recently I read Adrian Tchaikovsky's Children of Time and it is clear from these two books that

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    My thoughts in a nutshell I don’t read sci fi I can’t enjoy it but I’m always trying to find an exception I understood

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    What at first appeared to be a straight tale of totally augmented dogs and other animals refitted with all the glorious technology of war designed to be true monsters completely obedient to their masters eventually became a tale of e

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    Bioform Rex is trying to be a Good Boy the kind of Good Dog his Master wants him to be But when he is cut from that hierarchy he must make his own decisions with the help of his friends in the Multi form Assault Pack Bees Dragon and Honey Reminiscent of Flowers for Algernon Rex's story is one of self discovery changing perceptions

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    45Ok Adrian Tchaikovsky is becoming one of my favourite authorsAfter reading Children of Time I knew I needed to read something else

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    45 starsExcellent near future SF that delves deep into the ethical uestions that arise from augmenting animals and transforming them into a state of personhood It is just as heartwrenching as you might expect I was made to be a weapon but I have lived a life I was born an animal they made me into a soldier and treated me as a thing Servant and slave leader and follower I tell myself I have been a Good Dog Nobody else can decide that for me

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    My name is Rex I am a Good DogRex is definitely a Good Dog He's also a nearly eight feet tall bio engineered cybernetically enhanced dog soldier with access to heavy weaponry and networked to a whole suad of other

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    Dogs of War was not the book I was expecting to read in a good way I've long been a fan of Adrian Tchaikovsky his Shadows of the Apt epic fantas

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    e arc given to me via netgalley in exchange for an honest review ”Life is constant creation and destruction The trick is knowing one from another” This book is about a group of engineered bioform animals They're used as weapons in the war cause they can carry out orders given to them by their master Rex is a dog also the leader of the g

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    45This was nearly a 5 star It starts with a bang of action Bio engineered dogs plus other animals working for an organisation with cr

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