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ve enough resources in England to guarantee a police investigation would come to nothing but it’s not my style to take chances Solitaire would be going into the ground along with Escamilla“Mr Vazuez” Solitaire gave me her best smile “I don’t expect something for nothing” She dropped her voice “You’d like me” she whispered “I’ve heard about you We’re the same”“Are we”“Yes I can make you very happy” She brushed my hand over her cheek and then kissed my palm “I’m a very good girl” she said uietly “Unless you prefer a naughty one This story was a mixed bag for me I enjoyed it for the most part however I found it extremely drawn out There s a truck load of violence one scene of a woman being hit which almost made me put it down and not finish the story However for the most part the men in this story took care of their women So yeah the violence while no newbie to such dialogue there were a number of scenes which in my humble opinion were concocted for the sole purpose of showing how badass these members of the Cartel were and did little to drive the bigger story Solitaire has a memory block and the events of what happened to her prior to being with Arturo pop into her mind randomly as they try to uncover who Songbird is Something that doesn t really come to anything worthy of chewing up the pages until the 89% markGiven I received this story to read via the BDSM Group TPE bar and the blurb states Solitaire is intelligent tough and shares Arturo s interest in BDSM I guess I expected on that front too There s one flogging scene then a tease of Arturo taking Solitaire to the Dungeon to sleep Yeah I groaned feeling a tad ripped off there Oh and talk about the sex swing being funnothing on page though On a personal level I hate being talked to by characters I find it jarring Yes I want to be able to feel and see what s going on BUT I am not in your story I end up looking around the room going Huh you talking to me On the positive the story is well edited only a couple of typos most won t even see and I enjoyed the mix of UK and US dialogue If you re not familiar of the term bonk you will be by the end of Songbird If you re looking for a story with a tonne of violence the backstory of a conspiracy and a little bit of slap and tickle this might be just the ticket copy provided in exchange for an honest review

Free download Songbird Zeta Cartel #2

Songbird Zeta Cartel #2

She sucked my thumb and I was instantly rock hard When cartel boss Arturo Vazuez discovers his girlfriend Gina is a DEA rat and his deputy Escamilla is staging a take over Arturo fixes his problems by killing everyone except for Solitaire Escamilla’s unwilling mistress Solitaire is intelligent tough and shares Arturo’s interest in BDSM Arturo falls head over heels but someone is leaking information and the evidence point at SolitaireSongbird is a complete and self standing novel Warning This book contains explicit scenes of dubious consent graphic violence and sex Talk about an unconventional romance Songbird is not your typical love story but there is definitely something beautiful about seeing these two criminals both with hearts of gold find happiness with each otherArturo is a mob boss as head of a Mexican cartel he has a reputation that is well deserved Dealing in everything from drugs and prostitution to textiles and the stock market means that he and his crew have to run a tight ship and Arturo is not a man you want to come up againstSolitaire has been held captive by one of Arturo s men and has been subjected to rape and other abuse during her stay Not inexperience with the crime world herself when Arturo and his men come to her abductors house once they learn of his betrayal Solitaire sees this as an opportunity to save herself and makes a deal with Arturo for her lifeThese two have an instant attraction and chemistry that is off the charts The time Arturo spends with Solitaire the he realizes he may want to keep her around long term But can she be trusted With an informant somewhere on the inside can anyone really be trustedI really enjoyed this story and despite all of the criminal activity I found myself falling in love with these characters There was a really good element of mystery throughout the book that kept me guessing all the way to the very end This story does have some elements of BDSM in this story but it s nothing to extreme Actually there wasn t that many sex scenes in the book but the ones that were there were very sexyDana

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“You’re the big boss” She looked up at me and smiled She was dressed in a cheap cotton shirt and jeans that should be on the burn pile but that smile was pure gold This girl had guts“I told José he was a fool to try and cheat you” she said “I wasn’t part of it and I don’t work for you I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time”She’d heard about our policy protecting bystanders Of course it doesn’t apply to anyone whose eyewitness testimony can put me in a courtroom Well try to put me in a courtroom In Mexico nobody would dare accuse me and I Wow this book blew me away What a suspenseful captivating look at love and life in general in the Mexican cartel I loved the gutsy super sharp heroine too AJ Adams shows her great talent for dark suspenseful romantic writing in Songbird which amazingly is only her third book Not only was the book well written but it was witty and erotic and the elaborate well thought out plot kept me guessing every step of the way I will definitely be looking for of Ms Adams works in the futureWhen everyone is out to get you can the one person who could possibly save you be one of the most evil and darkest drug lords ever to exist That s the uestion that Solitaire is faced with as she finds herself smack dab in the middle of a Mexican cartel war over drug territory rights in EnglandHaving been kidnapped held against her will and repeatedly raped by Escamilla the leader of the Los Zetas operations in England she has nothing left to lose when the head of the entire Los Zetas Arturo Vazuez comes knocking on their door to take Escamilla out Apparently Escamilla had been a very bad boy and was looking to go independentArturo is instantly attracted to Solitaire and impressed by her gutsy nature and apparent bravery in the hopeless situation she finds herself in An attraction that Solitaire clearly shares Rather than fall apart as most women in fact most men would have done in a similar situation she maintains her composure and tries her best to find a way to make herself useful to ArturoStill she s a witness to murder and a traitor s girlfriend so can she be trusted In the cartel world loyalty means than blood and is the one thing you can t live without Even if Arturo where somehow convinced he also has to think of the optics after all cartels rule by terror Can there possibly be a HEA in store for this coupleSolitaire is one of the ingenious tough heroines I ve encountered in a very long time I was glued to my Kindle throughout the entire read just waiting to see what she would do next I was convinced a number of times that the plot was going one way and then Ms Adams would shock and astound me with yet another unexpected twist and turnAdditionally the BDSM erotic nature of this novel was well done and added a whole other dimension to this fantastic read I also enjoyed learning both Solitaire s and Arturo s point of views throughout the whole novel as this greatly added depth to the storyIf you enjoy erotic suspenseful romances with bad boy heroes and even impressive heroines then I can t recommend Songbird highly enoughSource Review copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

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    Songbird was reread for me and I have only read this 1 book in the series but this can definitely be read as a standalone read no issues whatsoeverSo this had a very distinctive writing style almost conversational at times which I really did likeIt’s dual POV and dark mafia romanceArturo Vazuez is the big boss of the Mexican cartel cleaning house after a betrayal close to home Solitaire is the only surviving witnessSolitaire man

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    Wow this book blew me away What a suspenseful captivating look at love and life in general in the Mexican cartel I

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    This is the second book I've read by AJ Adams and I have to say that she is definitely one of my favorite authors I love her uniue take on situations that normally are seen in black and whiteFor example the 'hero' in this book Arturo is not normally someone you'd think of as a hero He's a ruthless cartel boss and at first I thought how on earth can I come to like this guy But you get into his head you understand how h

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    35 StarsI did generally enjoy this story minus a few misgivings All in all there weren’t really any terrible spelling or grammar errors and I

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    “Every man has an Achilles heel and I knew Solitaire was mine” With “Songbird” we visit once again the dark world of the zeta cartel b

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    This story was a mixed bag for me I enjoyed it for the most part however I found it extremely drawn out There’s a truck load of violence one scene of a woman being hit which almost made me put it down and not finish the story Howe

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    35 STARS

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    Talk about an unconventional romance Songbird is not your typical love story but there is definitely something beautiful about seeing

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    I felt that the author was trying to recreate the chemistry between Chloe Sweet Pitufa Jones and Kyle Chismoso Suarez fro

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    OMG I cannot believe how long I let this book sit on my Kindle before starting it because it is AMAZING Songbird completely and utterly blew me away It captured my attention challenged my mind and kept me guessing I hated whenever I had to tear myself away from it I didn't even want to go to sleep that's how awesome it was I totally

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