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Mothers Lessons

In Gene's family it is the mother's duty to initiate her son into the world of sexual pleasure She will have to teach him the subtle art of bringing a woman to extasy and in the process attempt to impregnate her with his child As long as he could remember Gene has been looking forward to the day that his own mother would make him into a manThat day has finally arrivedAs Gene's mother Sara takes him by the hand and leads him to the bedroom to begin his lessons his brother Joel and his father Howard leave the couple alone They talk about Howard's wild sexual history with his brother's wife Meanwhile Gene takes his first steps into manhood by trying to impregnate his motherEXCERPTGene's hands were sweating and he felt a little dizzy with excitement as he walked up the stairs to his parent’s room The door was shut so he knocked“Come in sweetie” Said his mother’s voice from the other sideGene entered and stopped to see one of the most beautiful things he had seen in his young lifeHis mother was lighting candles in the dim room wearing nothing but a deep red satin teddie The fabric clung to her body showing off her ful.

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L hips and just barely covered the nipples on her large breasts Her strawberry red hair hung over her shoulders and she gave her teenage son a seductive smile and a wink that made the boy lose his breath for a few moments He found that he could do nothing but stand in the doorway and take in the woman’s beauty From her tanned muscular thighs to her soft gentle face with a few lines that somehow made her attractive in Gene’s eyesShe blew out the stick she used to light the candles and said “Come here Gene”The teenage boy went obediently to his mother who brought him close to her body and kissed him as a lover He let his hands roam across her back and down the side enjoying the soft smooth fabric Getting bolder he let one hand slip down to cup her ass cheek She responded by pulling him closer and kissing him deeperAs mother and son made out he let his hand wander up her hip to her stomach finally up to her breast She broke the kiss to sigh and whispered “Yes Gene Touch me”He let his other hand explore her tits paying special attention to the spot where the nipples poked up underneath the fabricEven this light p.

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Etting was almost too much for the inexperienced teen The feel of her large breasts and the anticipation of what was to come made him dizzy His cock was uncomfortably hard in his pants and he worried that the slightest touch would have him shooting his load before he could even get naked“Would you like to see Mommy’s tit’s Gene” She whisperedThe boy couldn’t even form the words He simply swallowed hard and nodded his headHis mother stepped away and lifted the small piece of clothing over her head Her large milky white breast appeared each topped with a little pink nipple Gene looked at them hungrily He had sneaked a peek a couple of times when his mother was in various states of undress and of course when he and his brother peeked in on her and their father having sex But they were just glances His mother’s big beautiful breasts were now on full display for him and him aloneHe took one in his hands feeling for the first time those wonderfully soft and smooth mounds He teased the nipple which caused his mother to moan in approval “Oh yes my sweet boy Touch me My body is yours today Feel me touch me taste me?.

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